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The Wright Door Co. has taken many calls, attempting to ease homeowners mind's of possible unscrupulous companies. All too often an unsuspecting homeowner won't go too far past first phone number they call when an emergency arises, and in many cases, we are one of only a handful they can find. Thus, as a responsible garage door company, it is our duty to be honest, credible and forthright.

Make Sure You Get A 2nd Opinion For Your Garage Door

The Wright Door co. had a call on July 3rd 2015 at 1:07 AM and the caller, from Florissant MO, was very worried that because her garage door would not open something drastic had to have happened. She stated that she had already called 4 other Garage door companies and they had given her prices that ranged from $275.00, just to show up, all the way too $600.00 and that 1 specific company said she needed a new garage door from what she had told them.

The Wright Door Co. asked a couple of questions and realized she had 2 broken springs on her garage door, we showed up later that morning and repaired them at a fraction of the cost.

Your 2nd Opinion Should Include All The Facts, Including Business Rates

I would like to explain that most garage door companies will charge an additional fee for “after hours” or “holiday rates” in the garage door industry it is referred to as “Emergency Service”, even The Wright Door Co. has an increased rate for such cases. The reasons are that a service technician must be dispatched from home (or from where ever they may be), get dressed in work attire and drive to the “emergency” within a modest time frame. All of which he will be paid for at double time.

The Wright Door Co. along with other credible garage door repair companies will explain the rates and options to the homeowner, giving them an option of an informed decision.

Introducing the Wright 2nd Opinion For Your Peace of Mind

NOW, with that explained The Wright Door Co. would like to introduce, The Wright 2nd Opinion, this is a new outlook on what a homeowner should expect to receive from any garage door repair company with regards to:

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  • Cost
  • Time
  • Material
  • Expectations

We will not ask what Garage door company that you have gotten any information from, it should not matter. The Wright 2nd Opinion will be solely based on the information that the homeowner provides and what they should expect, whether it is a new garage door, new garage door opener, repair or maintenance performed to their existing garage door. Knowledge about garage doors is our responsibility to you as an industry expert.

Get Your Garage Door 2nd Opinion From An Industry Leader

The Wright Door company knows that people like proof of what they are told, The Wright Door Co. is one of the TOP garage door repair companies on Angie’s List with 375+ A rated reviews and one of only two local garage door companies being a GOLD rated service provider as well as being nominated monthly for the “Page of Happiness” and being a Featured Service of the Month for July, 2015.

Here are just a few of our favorite reviews:

  1. I was very happy with their work. Punctual, polite, door was of great quality.
    Vickie Thoroughman
  2. When I called, the company offered to come immediately on Friday evening. Since that wasn't necessary, we agreed that they would come Monday around 5. I asked them for a price for a garage door opener. Since the price was rea… See More
    Janice H. Godfrey,IL.
  3. The technician arrived on time, ready to work, and completed the job independently which allowed me to complete the work I was doing in the house. He let me know when he was finished and ready to leave. All together the perfec… See More
    Melanie R. St. Louis, MO.
  4. My garage door hinges kept disconnecting and the door didn't always open. He came promptly and fixed the problem and did exactly what he advertised and more.

    I was extremely impressed with everything...I woul… See More
    Sanford K. Chesterfield,MO.
  5. Excellent service! Came out the same day I called for an appt. My garage door works so much better-wish I had called them years ago. Great value and very friendly. Definitely recommend.
    Marcia M. St. Louis, MO.
  6. Refurbered two garage doors bearings oil etc. gentlemen who came over was amazing fast and accurate. Use them!

    Paul T. St. Charles, MO.
  7. I am TOTALLY pleased with what happened. I have an older home with an older garage door. Yesterday my garage door would open but when I tried to close it, it would reach the bottom but then open up again. It took 3 times for the… See More
    Gary M. St. Louis, MO.
  8. I made an appointment for them to come on December 10. The workman called me when he was on the way that morning, and he got to work doing the job. It didn't take him long.
    I initially bought the garage door opener sys… See More
    John H. Belleville, IL.
  9. On time and was very friendly. Definitely knew what to do to fix the garage door. Very reasonably priced. Just 30 minutes and the garage door worked like new.
    Cathy C. Arnold, MO.
  10. Thank you Tom, you are accommodating and professional.

    Quick response. I left a message and he returned my call within the hour. It was later in the evening, but Tom accommodated my need.
    Cheyrl W. Trenton,IL.
  11. Taught me how to reset garage door when it gets locked.

    I will definitely call The Wright Door when I need to have repair work or upgrading completed on my garage door. The Wright Door came out to my house wi… See More
    Kristin B. St. Louis, MO.
  12. Called at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and they were out by 3:45. Our double garage door only had one spring and it had broken.He advised us to install 2 springs to put less strain on our opener. The job was completed quickly and … See More
    Thomas R.
  13. The technician, Dan, was extremely courteous as well as efficient. He eliminated most of the noise the door made when operating. Offered to do little things which weren't required as part of the deal i.e. Replace light bulbs an… See More
    Wayne M.
  14. After hearing my garage door moan and groan for a couple of weeks, I decided to look for someone to remedy the ailment. I called 3 Garage Door companies and was told by 2 that "You need a new garage door" and the other that it c… See More
    Nickolas S.
  15. Remove broken spring at top of door and replaced 2 new ones - Replaced stems and rollers on both sides of door for a total of 8 and lower door. I needed to extend life of door.I called around 12:30 - Serviceman called about 10 … See More
    Delores D.
  16. Dan, The service tech was very professional. He explained everything as he was doing the work. Door works better than ever.
    Vireil S.
  17. i called the company to scheldue the work to be done. When the gentleman anwered the phone he asked when I would like to have it done. I gave a date and time to them and they worked around my scheldue!! Dan was the gentleman tha… See More
    Jason B.
  18. Take apart garage door springs and shaft and replaced broken springs onto new shaft with new springs. Lube door & check all garage door functions.
    I looked up companies in the Granite City area phone book to check p… See More
    Tim C.
  19. Tom was very professional - he called before he arrived and was very efficient in replacing the rollers and adjusting the springs, etc. He took extra time to eliminate some noise caused by the chain drive opener and offered sug… See More
    Chris S.
  20. We called The Wright Door because one of two garage door openers was not working. The other made a terrible grinding noise. We knew they were very old openers here when we purchased this house and had trouble with them in the pa… See More
    Marie L.
  21. He completed all the tune-up requirements, which included new rollers, and replaced a bad fraying cable (adding new cables on each side) and straightened out tracks that were slighly maladjusted from wear and tear, and he found… See More
    J. Mang
  22. They walked me through how to make adjustments to the sensor myself instead of having to pay them to come do it. Very pleased that it was something that I was able to fix by myself for free. Will definitely use them in the futu… See More
    Mark S.
  23. The 30-year-old garage door opener stopped working with my car inside the garage, and I could not open the door manually. After a little research on Angie's List, I called The Wright Door. Dan told me they give people who are st… See More
    Adam M.
  24. I had an issue with my garage door not wanting to close and I figured it had to be something with the sensor. He talked me through how to adjust it myself to make it work and sure enough it worked.
    John H.
  25. After hearing my garage door moan and groan for a couple of weeks, I decided to look for someone to remedy the ailment. I called 3 Garage Door companies and was told by 2 that "You need a new garage door" and the other that it c… See More
    Nikolas S

The Wright Door Co. would like for you to get all the information before making a decision that cost you your hard earned money. Please give us a call at 314-484-3667, 636-293-3007 or 618-698-8058 to deliver Quality You Expect, Service You Deserve.