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  1. The tech arrived a few minutes after nine on Monday morning and quickly diagnosed the problem. The cable had not snapped but had come completely unattached from the door. The tech (Tom), quickly reattached the cable and then pro… See More
    John Wanamaker
  2. They set an appointment quickly and arrived on time. They were professional and explain everything they needed to do and the price beforehand. The job was completed in less than an hour. I will absolutely use Wright Door again f… See More
    Denise Johnson
  3. Very well done and very efficient.
    Brian Pedersen
  4. Wow! Dan came over same day, worked his magic, and less than 2 minutes later he fixed my door! Even though I insisted to pay him for his time, he did not charge me. He even oiled both of my garage doors after. I would recommend … See More
    Jane Sumner
  5. Quick, friendly and professional.
    Louis Ludlum
  6. Same day service at a great price. Would definitely recommend them.
    Jennifer Betz
  7. Great. On time, work done professionally. Cleaned up and hauled the old doors away.
  8. It was a great experience. This was the second time I've used them and they've always been good. They came about a week after my contacting them and they showed up at the appropriate time.
    Terry Anderson
  9. Work was done well and professionally.
    Terri Hanson
  10. Very responsive and easy to schedule. No upselling at all, and took the time to walk me through all points to watch over the next few years. I also had safety lines installed to prevent damage from any snapped springs.
  11. Have had work done by Wright Door thru Angies list before. As usual, they were were prompt, friendly and professional.
    Thomas Borsch
  12. I just wanted to say Thank You for such professional and respectful service I received today from Tom!
    Heather W.