St. Louis Residential Garage Doors

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St. Louis Residential Garage Doors

St. Louis Residential Garage Doors

St. Louis residents, like most people, find themselves only thinking about their garage doors when disaster strikes. It's just like what happens to our driving skills when the first snow flake falls. From broken garage door springs to damaged rollers and frames, garage doors usually get a brunt of use with nominal attention from their owners. The Wright Door Co. garage door specialists are the best in the Midwest, and we’re here to not only help you get the most out of your garage door, but also raise awareness so owners can help keep other owners accountable.

The last thing anyone needs is a mid-night call to a garage door repair company because you are stuck outside. Inconvenient loss happens more often than you’d think in our industry, and no one is ever ready for it. The Wright Door Co. is here to help make sure that never happens!

Find Your St. Louis Garage Door Expert – Don’t Wait

If you have 1, 2, 3 or more garage doors associated with your house, we recommend checking out our garage door maintenance page. We provide the best quality, best customer service, and best price in the St. Louis garage door industry. We've been around for many years and are well-known and respected as the guys who tackle the jobs our competitors reject. Our flexibility and knowledge of the industry is well-versed in any situation or condition. Call us today and ask for the best solution to protect your garage door from expensive repair or replacement costs.

Ask us about our technicians and the range of experience. You'll find we have over 30 years combined experience in maintaining and installing garage doors and are well aware of the number of things that can go wrong with your garage door. We've tackled everything there is in relationship to garage doors and are the closest thing you can get to St. Louis Garage Door miracle workers. Give us a call today to learn more!

Purchasing and Installing Your Garage Doors With Confidence

If you’re looking to purchase a garage door or have a new garage door installed at your residence, we strongly recommend calling the Wright Door Co. – mainly because, we do it very, very frequently for new construction, home owners looking to upgrade, and also individuals who have not taken proper care of their garage doors. We know the best makes, models, and offer quality solutions to professionally install it. Even if you already have your heart set on one, drop us a line and get our expert opinion. Knowledge is power.

One of our professional installers recommended the following when keeping your eyes out for the right garage door for your home or residence.

  • Insulation Value
  • Size/Width,
  • Color,
  • Style (panel design)

How a Regular Maintenance in St. Louis Plan Will Pay Off

A discerning shopper will know that “warranties” or “maintenance plans” on items such as a DVD player, computer, or flat screen TV or monitor are usually more hype than they are an investment. Sure, they can pay off, and cement your continued investment in them, but overall, statistics show that most of today's warranties are just extra-revenue sources for your big chain stores. These should rightfully throw a red-flag to any smart shopper.

So what’s the difference with a garage door maintenance plan?

BIG DIFFERENCE. Pardon the all-caps, but we needed to stress it. Think of it as a tune up or oil-change on your car, raking the leaves each fall, or having your computer’s internals cleaned out to remove dust and other heat insulation materials. All these examples are very important, and if neglected will have some adverse affect on your life. Frozen Engines, dead grass, and over-heated/burnt-out computers are the last thing any of us needs. The same goes for our garage doors. Because a garage door is basically a massive weight on a string, it needs proper care. The intricate pulley system and springs must be carefully examined at least once a year to make sure no flaws or potential breaks have occurred.

Again, establishing a relationship with a St. Louis garage door repair company will be important, as well as setting up a maintenance plan for your garage door. The last thing we want is for you to have to be calling one of them at the last moment and being stuck with the “emergency service” charge. Maintenance pays off in the short AND long run.