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Imagine lifting hundreds of pounds up and down over 8 feet every day with just one arm. This incredible feet is performed effortlessly by your garage door opener. Unfortunately, over time your opener will age, all its parts headed towards an inevitable point of failure, and many times this will mean it will be beyond repair. When this happens, The Wright Door Company is ready to meet your needs with the best garage door opener replacement solutions available in today’s market. We’ve seen them all, and we know what works and what lasts; thus we will always give you the best solutions with “quality you expect, and service you deserve.”

All our technicians are highly knowledgeable on the variety of garage door openers we recommend and what would be best suited for the situation, including chain glide, belt glide, jack shaft or even a gear head. Our new garage door openers are Made in America and come with a peace-of-mind warranty.

Quality, Dependability, Longevity

Liftmaster has proven itself over and over again to the best garage opener for the price. We recommend them because they are well-made, dependable, and last.

Their powerful, dependable motors and high-quality cables are the foundation for the security and peace-of-mind we bring to all our customers.

The Wright Door Co. currently offers the following Liftmaster operators:

Getting Your Garage Door Opener Replaced

If you think or know you need your garage door opener replaced, please fill out the form to the right and we will be in contact with you shortly. To reach us immediately, call (314) 484-3667 or (618) 698-8058.