Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair Service

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St. Louis Garage Door Repair Company | Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair

If your commercial garage door opener is stuck, unresponsive, or in need of immediate repair the Wright Door Co. can put you back in business. With over 3 decades of experience, we are the experts at garage door opener repairs in the St. Louis area. We provide the “Quality you expect, and the Service you deserve!”

We fix all garage door opener problems, including:

  • Gear Kit assembly
  • Photo Cell/Safety Sensors
  • Carriage Assembly
  • Transmitter Problems
  • Dead Batteries
  • Up and Down Limits (Checked every time)
  • Sensitivity Adjustments (checked every time)

The repair services we provide for garage door openers require years of training and experience to properly resolve. In addition, the parts of an opener require the garage door to be properly secured, as the pressure behind it can cause serious injury and even death. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE! Over 20,000 people are injured annually by garage doors.

Emergency Service

In an emergency situation, we also provide immediate service to our customers, expediting the repair or replacement of their garage door opener.

Getting Your Commercial Garage Door Opener Repaired

If you need your garage door opener repaired, please fill out the form to the right and we will be in contact with you shortly, per the urgency of your repair need. To reach us immediately, call (314) 484-3667 or (618) 698-8058.

Yearly Inspection

Your garage door opener is the sole force behind the largest moving object in your house, your garage door. It has many, many moving parts and mechanical elements that wear over time. In one month, your opener will open and close your garage door hundreds of times, and a lack of maintenance and neglect can cause serious problems. Once any part of your garage door breaks or malfunctions, it is often a sign that other parts may be damaged or worn – and the damage itself can put stress on other parts, hastening their own replacement time.

Most manufacturers recommend a YEARLY TUNE-UP AND INSPECTION by a professional for your garage door and opener. Regular garage door maintenance will save you thousands of dollars in major repairs. A good maintenance plan will keep the doors operating at peak performance.