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6500 Insulated Premium Steel Garage Door Features

The 6500 insulated premium steel garage doors have a 2″ thickness and are manufactured using an exterior pebble grain embossed nominal 24 gauge steel panel and a 26 gauge steel interior panel with polystyrene insulation pressure bonded to both panels. Sections have tongue and groove meeting rails. Exterior panels are formed with four small grooves. End caps are 20 gauge galvanized steel. 20 steel interior hinge plates are provided for hardware attachment. Plates extend to full height of the section. R value of polystyrene core is 10.25.

24″ x 8″ or 24″ x 12″ windows glazed with insulated glass are available. Optional Series 8000 Full View sections can be substituted for steel sections.

Galvanized track system is 2″ or 3″ depending on door size and weight and can be bracket or angle mounted as required. Optional track configurations include high lift, vertical lift, low headroom, and follow the roof pitch.

Hinges and brackets are made from galvanized steel. Commercial duty rollers are standard.

Springs are oil tempered helical wound and stress relieved torsion springs mounted on a cross header shaft supported by bearing brackets. Springs are calculated for 10,000 door cycles. 25K, 50K, or 100K cycles are optional. Cables are galvanized aircraft quality with a minimum 7 to 1 safety factor.

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