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At the Wright Door Co., we understand that when purchasing a home, the garage door is an added bonus and a potential problem. To keep unexpected surprises from occurring, a thorough preventive maintenance inspection should be an annual event. We recommend our safe and sound maintenance package so you can rest assured that your garage door will always be in peak performance.

Preventive Maintenance

With the preventive maintenance, you receive a full range of service treatments by trained experts, which means trouble-free operation. Each technician follows our industry leading checklist to make sure no area is missed. All needed lu…

A Case Study

Most people are busy doing everything from going to work to rushing the kids to practice and wouldn't notice that a single hinge is coming apart on your garage door. If you did notice and called to have us replace the hinge it could approximately cost:

  • Service Call $65.00
  • Hinge: $10.00
  • TOTAL: $75.00

Had you not noticed, it will finally fail and cause a trickle affect of problems such as - the cable slipping, the canting of one or more of the door sections or even worse, the rollers pulling out of the door and the door falling. Repairs to get the door operational could cost the following:

  • Service Call $65.00
  • 3 Hinges: $30.00
  • 16' Strut: $25.00
  • 16' Section: $192.00
  • TOTAL: $312.00

In addition to this, there may be extra hidden costs of the door not working for a time. If your car is trapped inside the garage and you have to call for emergency to untrap the car. This would add an additional $200 to this. If you decide not to ask for emergency service you may have to miss time from work, resulting in lost wages.

If noticed in time, this repair would have cost as little as $75, but now, because no preventive maintenance was performed and no one noticed the damage, it could cost you anywhere from $312 to a thousand depending on if you need emergency service or if you miss work and the extent of the damage to the door itself.