2018 St. Charles Home Show - April 6th - 8th

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2018 St. Charles Home Show - April 6th - 8th

Come Visit the Wright Door Co. At St. Charles Home Show - Spring 2018!

An annual tradition to St. Charles, April 6th through 8th 2018, this spring welcomes back yet another a special event to the St. Louis area -- the St. Charles Home Show. Thanks to a yet another year of excellent quality work, top ratings from Angie's List, and the best customer service in St. Louis, The Wright Door Co. will be available for questions and inquiries at our St. Charles Home Show booth at the St. Charles Convention Center, right upstairs in the front of the exhibition line-up.


The St. Charles Home Show - Free Admission, Free Parking

With free admission and free parking, there is absolutely no reason not to stop by and check out our 2018 line-up of St. Charles Home Show ONLY Specials! The Wright Door Co. will be offering 3 Specials that can only be attained by using the 2018 Home & Remodeling Show sticker.

The specials will be:

  1. $65: [EXCLUSIVE] 2-year garage door maintenance program
  2. $85: [EXCLUSIVE] 13 Ball-Bearing Nylon coated rollers and Tune-Up. The Wright Door Co., is the only company offering this exclusive product at this time.
  3. $225: Double Torsion Spring Replacement[EXCLUSIVE] 13 Ball-Bearing Nylon coated, Rollers and Tune-Up.
  4. $425: 8550 Belt-Drive Garage Door Operator w/ a battery back-up, 2 transmitters and keyless entry.

St. Louis Home & Remodeling Show

A Proud Supporter of the St. Charles Home Show

The Wright Door Co. has been participating in the St. Charles Home Show for several years now, and it's been our privilege to be there to help inform and educate each and every attendee that has stopped by our station as to how to manage their garage doors. Homeowners seem to be always stuck with the unexpected, unpredicted, and unwanted expenditures that keep our finances on the tricky side. Thanks to the advancements in technology, and the importance of education, the Wright Door Co., still remains the best source for not only garage door repair, but also garage door maintenance.

How To Make 2018 A Garage Door Worry-Free Year

In the same way a car owner isn't worried if his vehicle dies on the side of the road, or if he gets hit by another vehicle, so a garage door owner should have the same piece of mind when it comes to his garage door. Do you own your own car? Do you lease it? Are you still paying on it? No matter the financial condition of your automobile registration, you still need to have auto-insurance — and it's for a good reason.

No one wants to get stuck on the side of a road, 100 miles from your home, with no one to come help you. It should be the same way for your garage door. Make sure you pay a little to avoid a lot with a garage door maintenance service.

Garage Door Maintenance Services

The Wright Door Co. has been offering garage door maintenance services, being similar to garage door insurance, for many years now. It's as simple as a one-time, yearly fee of $65, that brings us it to analyze your garage door each and every year. The problems that arise from having a broken garage door spring, or several damaged ball-bearings can take years to develop, and we are able to spot these issues long before your garage door leaves you stranded, fix them, and prolong the life of your garage door.

On the rare occasion, your garage door does break within the year of a maintenance you've paid for, we'll take care of it, removing the cost of the maintenance off the price of any repair work that needs to be done, just like a deductible.

Get The Best 2nd Opinion in Town

If you're looking for a company that can grow with your business or family, the Wright Door Co. should be your last stop. Our Angie's List ratings are the highest in the local industry, and our customer service is second to none. Plus we offer the fantastic Wright 2nd Opinion, as an incentive to help keep our competitors honest. It's a no-pressure assessment of what is really wrong with your garage door, and a guarantee that makes sure our clients get the right bid, the first time. Take it with you as you shop around. Our experience and knowledge of the tools and services we use allow us to give you the lowest price the tool itself can even be purchased for, allow you to see our markup, and what to expect from us.

If you find a price cheaper than just the value of the parts we quoted you, be careful. The parts may be used and the company herself may be working for free to try and come out and upsell you. We guarantee the price we quote is the price you will pay. No sales gimmicks, no tricks, no staying at your place until dinner to get you to pay us more. Just fast, friendly, and the best quality and service you deserve.

Learn More At The St. Charles Home Show

Can't afford a new garage door? We don't want you to! — as many garage door repair issues can be fixed with basic maintenance and just a few parts. Let our experts help you make the correct garage door repair choice. The savings are very impressive and are well worth a visit to the Home Show, the Specials will be available any time of year, as long as our 2018 Fall Home Show sticker is placed in your garage.

These St. Charles Home Show ONLY Specials can only be used with the 2018 Home Show sticker, so come on down and pay us a visit. With over 30 years experience, the Wright Door Co. is ready to meet each and every garage door needs our St. Charles neighbors have and deliver Quality You Expect, Service You Deserve.