St. Louis Garage Door Winter Lubrication

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St. Louis Garage Door Winter Lubrication

As the bitter cold wind of January blows to the St. Louis area, you might discover your Garage Door may be "moaning" more than usual. Naturally, the drop in temperature here in St. Louisi is the most likely culprit and there may just be a simple remedy to the situation. Thankfully, the Wright Door Co. can help you!

IMPORTANT: St. Louis Garage Doors should have Preventive Maintenance checkup every year.

Lubricate Your Garage Door in Winter in St. Louis

This is hard for us to recommend, but it's the truth. Why is it hard? 20,000 people each year are injured while operating garage doors -- and no, that's not all in the work place -- most of it is at home. However, your St. Louis garage door needs to be lubricate when it gets cold, so when you are deciding to do the lubrication yourself be sure to use 3 in 1 oil or a spray with silicone. The silicone is our personal choice and recommendation.

Starting At The Top Of Your St. Louis Garage Door

With all of the moving parts of a Garage Door, The Wright Door Co. prefers to start at the top and work down. With a torsion Garage Door lightly lubricate the springs and be sure to get the "center" bearing or center nylon bushing that will be holding the shaft parallel with the door.

On either of the torsion shaft there are cable drums that do not need any lubrication, on the outside of the cable drums will be end bearing stands, with a ball bearing bushing that will need lubrication.

Moving To Each St. Louis Garage Door Side

Now we work our way down either side with the roller, of which there are three major types.

  1. High density nylon (slick shaft), which require minimal if any lubrication.
  2. Steel ball bearing, which require lubrication to keep the rattling to a minimum.
  3. 11 Ball bearing nylon coated, (the Wright Door Co.'s choice) will need lubrication,

however this type of Garage Door Roller is the most superior for a smooth and quiet door operation.

The Final St. Louis Garage Door Lubrication

Lastly, we come to the center hinges which flex and turn as much as the rollers, be sure to keep in mind if you decide to lubricate the hinges that the Garage Door opens above your vehicle and over lubricating may drip down.

If you need an overview of the Garage Door parts, please take a look at our Preventive Maintenance page and you will notice a through Garage Door layout. We here at The Wright Door Co. are available to answer any question that you may, please give us a call at 314-484-3667 or 618-698-8058 to deliver the Quality You Expect, Service You Deserve.