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The Wright Door Co. replaces broken garage door springs, both torsion and extension on [city] garage doors. As these springs are under considerable pressure, they need to be repaired or installed by professionals who have experience in this area, thus we recommend calling a professional to get your problem resolved.

Getting Your [city] Garage Door Spring Repaired

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE! Over 20,000 people are injured annually by garage doors. With over 3 decades of experience, we at The Wright Door Co. are the experts at garage door spring repairmen in the St. Louis area. Do not put yourself or your family at risk to save a few dollars wrestling with the largest moving part of your home.

We provide the “Quality you expect, and the Service you deserve!”

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The Wright Door Co. provides services in St. Louis & the Metro East, [city], and its surrounding municipals. [city], [state] [zip], [city], [state] Garage Door Repair, [city], [state] Garage Door Installation, [city], [state] Garage Door Spring Repair, [city], [state] Garage Door Maintenance are all services the Wright Door Co. offers in [city], [state]. Please contact us at (314) 484-3667 with any questions!